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Bob The Robber 1
Bob The Robber 1

Bob The Robber 1

Bob The Robber is a popular series of puzzle and stealth-based flash games developed by MeowBeast. In the series, players assume the role of Bob, a skilled thief with a heart of gold, who embarks on various heists to uncover the truth and help those in need. The first game in the series, "Bob The Robber 1," sets the stage for Bob's adventures. 


"Bob The Robber 1" is a top-down, 2D puzzle and stealth game that combines elements of strategy and action. Players control Bob as he infiltrates various locations, such as mansions, museums, and secret laboratories, to steal valuable items and outwit security systems.

Key Features:

  1. Stealth-Based Gameplay: The core of the game revolves around stealth. Players must avoid detection by cameras, guards, and other security measures as they move through each level.

  2. Puzzle Solving: Bob must solve puzzles, deactivate security systems, and unlock doors to progress. These puzzles become increasingly challenging as the game advances.

  3. Storyline: Each level in the game is part of an overarching narrative. Bob's missions are not only about theft but also about uncovering mysteries and helping people in need.

  4. Upgrades: Players can use the money they steal to purchase equipment and upgrades, allowing Bob to become a more skilled and efficient thief.

  5. Multiple Levels: "Bob The Robber 1" features a series of levels, each with its unique challenges and objectives.

  6. Retro Graphics: The game's visuals have a charming retro style, reminiscent of classic video games.


In "Bob The Robber 1," players join Bob as he begins his career as a thief for a good cause. Bob uncovers a conspiracy involving corrupt officials and decides to use his skills to expose their wrongdoing. Along the way, he helps people who have been negatively affected by the corruption, making him a modern-day Robin Hood of sorts.

How to Play: Playing "Bob The Robber 1" is relatively straightforward:

  1. Controls: Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move Bob around the level.

  2. Interact: Approach objects and press the spacebar to interact with them. This includes opening doors, disabling alarms, and solving puzzles.

  3. Stealth: Avoid security cameras and guards. If you are detected, guards will chase you, and you'll need to find a hiding spot or escape.

  4. Collect Items: Gather money and valuable items as you progress through each level. Use the money to purchase upgrades between levels.

  5. Complete Objectives: Follow the objectives provided at the beginning of each level to progress in the game.


"Bob The Robber 1" is a fun and engaging puzzle and stealth game that combines elements of strategy and action. With its charming retro visuals and an intriguing storyline, it offers an enjoyable gaming experience. As players help Bob uncover the truth and right wrongs, they'll find themselves immersed in his exciting world of heists and heroism.



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