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Tenkyu Hole 3d rolling ball
Tenkyu Hole 3d rolling ball

Tenkyu Hole 3d rolling ball

Tenkyu Hole 3d rolling ball is a 3D physics-based game that challenges players to control a rolling ball through various stages to reach the goal. The objective is to carefully maneuver the ball through the stages, avoiding obstacles and pitfalls, and ensuring it doesn't fall off the platforms. The game likely involves swiping gestures and tilting the device to control the movement of the ball.


  1. 3D World: "Tenkyu" takes place in a 3D environment, providing players with immersive gameplay and realistic physics.

  2. Reach the Goal: The main goal of each stage is to guide the ball from its starting position to the designated endpoint or goal.

  3. Swipe and Tilt Controls: Players can control the movement of the ball by swiping their finger on the screen in the desired direction. Additionally, tilting the device may influence the ball's motion on the platform.

  4. Careful Maneuvering: As the game progresses, the stages likely become more challenging, requiring players to exercise precision and caution to navigate through complex paths and obstacles.

  5. Avoid Falling: The most crucial aspect of the game is to prevent the ball from falling off the platforms. If the ball falls, it will result in a game over, and players would need to restart the level.


  1. Click to Control: To control the "tenkyu" ball, players need to click or tap on the screen. This will initiate the ball's movement in the direction of the swipe.

  2. Swipe Gesture: To change the ball's direction or move it along the platforms, swipe your finger on the screen in the desired direction.

  3. Tilt the Device: In addition to swiping, players can tilt the device to affect the ball's movement on the stage.

  4. Be Cautious: Exercise caution when tilting or swiping, as excessive movement may lead to the ball rolling off the edges, resulting in a game over.

The challenge in Tenkyu Hole 3d rolling ball lies in mastering the controls, carefully navigating through each stage's obstacles, and finding the most efficient path to reach the goal. Players can enjoy the game's immersive 3D graphics and physics-based gameplay while striving to achieve the highest score or complete all the stages with the fewest mistakes.


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