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2048 Run 3D
2048 Run 3D

2048 Run 3D

2048 Run 3D combines elements of a running game with the classic number puzzle game "2048." The game likely features balls with numbers that the player must control as they run through the levels.

Key features 
  1. Running Gameplay: The core gameplay involves controlling a ball with a number as it runs through various levels or courses.

  2. Number Puzzle Element: The balls have numbers on them, similar to the original "2048" game. Players may need to combine balls with the same number by colliding with them to create larger numbers, following the "2048" merging mechanics.

  3. Swipe Controls: Players can control the movement of the ball by swiping on the screen. The swipe gestures likely allow them to change direction and navigate through the obstacles.

  4. Colliding with Balls: Players might be required to collide their ball with other balls of the same number to merge them and create larger numbers, following the classic "2048" rules.

  5. Challenging Levels: The game likely offers increasingly difficult levels, with more obstacles, faster gameplay, and higher numbers to merge as players progress.

  6. Endless Runner: "2048 Run 3D" might be an endless runner game, where the objective is to cover as much distance as possible while merging balls and achieving high scores.

  7. Visuals and 3D Elements: The game may feature 3D visuals to create an immersive and engaging experience for players.

Overall, "2048 Run 3D" combines the addictive mechanics of an endless runner with the challenge of the "2048" number puzzle, providing a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience. Players must use their swiping skills to control the ball, merge numbers, and try to achieve the highest score possible as they progress through the game.


Using Mouse

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