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Among Dots
Among Dots

Among Dots

Among Dots, your mission is to help a character named "Among" navigate through a maze on a spaceship and escape. Additionally, you are tasked with repairing important rooms in the spaceship, which suggests a combination of puzzle-solving and maze-exploration elements.

Here's a breakdown of the hypothetical gameplay based on the information you provided:


  • Navigate the maze on the spaceship, locate the exit, and help "Among" escape.
  • Repair vital rooms in the spaceship to progress further in the game.


  • Use the arrow keys to move "Among" within the maze.
  • Collect all the dots in the maze to earn points.
  • Avoid getting caught or "slain" by the impostors roaming in the maze.


  • In certain areas of the maze, you may find larger dots. Collecting these dots grants you temporary abilities.
  • When you collect a larger dot, you gain the ability to stab the impostors if you bump into them. This ability lasts for a few seconds, allowing you to defend yourself.



Use mouse

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