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Jump And Get Rich
Jump And Get Rich

Jump And Get Rich

"Jump and Get Rich," your objective is to build the tallest building possible by stacking dollars and gold coins. Here's a summary of how to play:


  • Build a tall tower by stacking dollars and gold coins.
  • Collect coins and bills along the way to earn money.
  • Use the earned money to upgrade your office, unlock new outfits, and purchase upgrades that help you earn more money.


  • Your character will start at the bottom of the corporate world and will be flying through the air.
  • Move your character to position them for collecting coins and bills.
  • Collect as many coins and bills as possible to increase your earnings.


  • Pay attention to obstacles that may appear in your path.
  • Avoid bombs floating in the air, as they will detonate upon contact with your character.


  • Use the mouse to control your character's movements.

The game "Jump and Get Rich" combines elements of arcade jumping and money collection. Please note that this game appears to be a hypothetical concept, and there might not be an existing game with this exact combination of features.


Use mouse

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