Slope game

In the game, you control a worm-like creature in a multiplayer online battle arena. Your objective is to grow in size by consuming small orbs and eliminate other players by forcing them to collide with your body.

Here's how to play:

  1. Gather orbs: Move around the playing area and collect the small orbs scattered throughout. By consuming these orbs, your worm will grow in size.

  2. Eliminate other players: Use your body to trap and force other players into colliding with you. When they collide with your worm, they will be eliminated, and you can devour their remains to further increase your size.

  3. Stay mobile: To avoid being cornered by other players, keep moving around the playing area in search of food. As your worm grows larger, it becomes easier to maneuver and find food.

  4. Encircle adversaries: Try to surround your opponents with your worm's body. By trapping them inside your snake, you limit their movement options and increase the chances of them colliding with you and being eliminated.

  5. Watch out for being cornered: While pursuing other players, be cautious not to get cornered yourself. Being trapped between other worms can make it difficult to escape, leading to your own elimination.

The game features simple graphics that emphasize the elegance of the gameplay. Enjoy the multiplayer battles and strive to become the longest worm in the room.

Controls: To control your worm, use the mouse. Move the mouse cursor to change the direction of your worm's movement. The worm will follow the cursor as you move it around the screen.

Have fun playing!



Use mouse

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