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Ball Dont Rush

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Ball Don't Rush, a thrilling arcade game that puts your reflexes to the test! Follow the journey of a determined ball as it soars through the sky, trying to avoid a myriad of obstacles. Your mission is to navigate through this ever-changing battle arena filled with traps, without colliding with any obstacles. With obstacles constantly in motion, only those with lightning-fast reflexes can hope to advance. How far can you go on this obstacle-laden track that seems to stretch to infinity?


In Ball Don't Rush, the challenge lies in maintaining speed and precision while avoiding obstacles in the sky. Your ball speeds forward, and your primary goal is to keep it moving without any collisions. The obstacles in this dynamic battle arena are in constant motion, making it crucial to rely on quick reflexes and impeccable timing to avoid the traps and barriers in your path.

Speed Up or Slow Down:

As you navigate through the obstacles, you have the power to control your ball's speed. Use the left-click to speed up and the right-click to slow down. Finding the perfect balance of speed is essential to tackle the ever-changing obstacles effectively.

Infinity Track of Challenges:

The track seems endless, stretching out into infinity, challenging you to push your limits and achieve the highest distance possible. As you progress further, the intensity and complexity of the obstacles increase, putting your skills to the ultimate test.

Arcade Thrills:

Ball Don't Rush promises the excitement and thrills of classic arcade games. Engage in this addictive gameplay and strive to achieve a high score that you can proudly showcase to friends and fellow gamers.

Immersive Graphics:

Experience the immersive skyward battle arena with eye-catching graphics that transport you to a world of fast-paced action and challenges. The vibrant visuals and smooth animations add to the overall excitement of the game.


Ball Don't Rush is a high-speed, reflex-testing arcade game that promises hours of addictive fun. As you steer your ball through the ever-changing obstacles in the sky, your quick reflexes and precision will be put to the ultimate test. Can you overcome the traps and challenges on the seemingly infinite track? Engage in this thrilling battle arena, control your ball's speed, and see how far you can go without hitting any obstacles. So, left-click to speed up, right-click to slow down, and embark on the thrilling journey of Ball Don't Rush today!


Using Mouse

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