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Ball Sort

Ball Sort is a puzzle game that involves sorting colored balls into tubes based on certain conditions. The game provides a challenging and entertaining way to exercise your brain while having a relaxing gameplay experience. The main objective of the game is to arrange the colored balls in such a way that all balls of the same color are grouped together in the same tube.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  1. Ball Movement: Players can interact with the game by tapping on the tubes to move the ball on top of a tube to another tube. The ball will move from one tube to another based on the rules of the game.

  2. Matching Colors: The core rule of the game is that you can only move a ball onto another ball if both balls have the same color. This means that you can stack balls of the same color on top of each other within a tube.

  3. Available Space: Additionally, before moving a ball, you need to ensure that the target tube has enough space to accommodate the ball. You cannot move a ball to a tube that is already full.

Game Strategy:

  • The challenge in "Ball Sort" lies in planning your moves strategically to create sequences of balls with the same color in the same tubes.
  • Players need to consider the color of the balls, and the available space in different tubes, and plan their moves to achieve the goal of grouping balls by color.

Difficulty and Relaxation:

  • While the game can present challenging puzzles, it also provides a relaxing and engaging experience as you carefully plan and execute your moves to sort the balls.

Exercise for the Brain:

  • "Ball Sort" exercises your cognitive skills, requiring you to think critically and plan ahead to complete the puzzles.


  • Tap on a tube to move the ball on top of that tube to another tube.
  • Ensure that the ball's color matches the color of the ball you're moving it onto, and that the target tube has enough space.

Ball Sort seems like a game that combines strategy, logic, and color-matching mechanics to create a satisfying and enjoyable puzzle experience. Players can enjoy exercising their brains while working towards the goal of arranging the balls by color.


Using Mouse

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