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Dinosaur Game

The Dinosaur Game is a deceptively simple yet addictive endless runner game that features a T-Rex on a mission to evade obstacles and rack up a high score. What makes this game unique is its origin - it was originally embedded within Google Chrome in 2014, allowing users to enjoy some prehistoric gaming fun even when offline. Let's dive into the details of this iconic game.

How to Play

Playing the Dinosaur Game is as straightforward as it gets. To kick things off, press the spacebar, and watch your T-Rex start moving forward. When you encounter obstacles, press the spacebar again to make your dino jump over them. As you progress, the game speeds up, making timing your jumps crucial. Be cautious, though; you'll also encounter flying birds, but it's best not to attempt to jump over the highest-flying ones.

About the Original Dino Game

The original Dinosaur Game was crafted by the talented Google UX developers Sebastien Gabriel, Alan Bettes, and Edward Jung back in 2014. This delightful game is an integral part of Google Chrome, surfacing as an error page whenever the browser detects that you're offline. The Chrome Dinosaur game quickly gained widespread recognition, with the creators revealing that it was played approximately 270 million times per month in 2018.

A Dinosaur Game with Many Names

While officially known as the Dinosaur Game, this classic has acquired a variety of names over the years, including T-Rex Runner, Chrome Dino, and Dino Run, among others.

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The Dinosaur Game proudly carries the badge of the Google UX team, who brought this charming game to life in 2014.


  • An endless runner game featuring a determined T-Rex.
  • A popular web game brought to you by Google.
  • Side-scrolling camera view for a classic gaming experience.
  • 2D 8-bit graphics that add a nostalgic touch to the game.


The Dinosaur Game is accessible through web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that you can enjoy it wherever you go.


  • Spacebar or the up arrow key to make your T-Rex jump.
  • The down arrow key allows your T-Rex to duck.

What's the Highest Score on the Dinosaur Game?

The highest attainable score in the Dinosaur Game is 99999. Once you reach this impressive milestone, the score resets to 0, giving you a chance to continue your pursuit of prehistoric greatness.

Why Is There a Dinosaur in Google Chrome?

The addition of the dinosaur game to Chrome serves a practical purpose - it allows users to have some entertainment even when they have no internet connection. The dinosaur theme is a clever and humorous reference to the notion that lacking internet access is akin to being transported back to the "prehistoric ages," where a T-Rex would feel right at home.



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