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Free Rally: Lost Angeles
Free Rally: Lost Angeles

Free Rally: Lost Angeles

Free Rally: Lost Angeles is an expansion of the Free Rally multiplayer series that takes place in a vast industrial city reminiscent of Los Angeles. This extension offers players a wealth of exciting features and opportunities to explore this sprawling urban environment.

Key Features:

  • Player Roles: Players have the flexibility to assume the role of a driver or a passenger, enabling cooperative and interactive gameplay experiences within the city.
  • Helicopter Adventures: One notable addition is the availability of helicopters that players can pilot. This feature opens up new possibilities for exploration and aerial perspectives of the city.

How to play:

  • "P" to show/hide car selector
  • "WASD", "arrows" to drive cars and helicopter, and to move while on foot
  • "Space bar" to use the handbrake
  • "E" to exit/enter from the car
  • "F" to get in/get out of the car like as a passenger
  • "Q" to pause/play radio
  • "K" to kick a passenger
  • "G" to get the car up
  • "R" to signal
  • "V" to seek rockets on the military cars and helicopter
  • "l" to use the light in 3d person
  • "l" to start/stop the engine on the helicopter
  • "C" to change the camera view
  • "Enter" to type in chat
  • "ESC" to return to the menu

Free Rally: Lost Angeles offers an expansive and immersive gaming experience set in an industrial cityscape. With the ability to explore the city by land and air, as well as the option to interact with other players in various roles, it provides a dynamic and engaging multiplayer environment. Whether you're piloting helicopters, driving vehicles, or simply exploring the urban landscape, "Free Rally: Lost Angeles" promises exciting adventures in a virtual world.



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