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Ghost Hunter Run 3D
Ghost Hunter Run 3D

Ghost Hunter Run 3D

Welcome to the mischievous world of Ghost Hunter Run 3D, where you take on the role of a playful ghost with a penchant for scaring people. Your sole joy is to sneak behind unsuspecting visitors and guards, giving them a good fright! However, you must be careful not to be caught, as your haunting abilities will be lost if they spot you. Use your tactical skills and clever maneuvers to hunt them down while avoiding obstacles in the museum. Can you scare them all without being seen? Let the ghostly adventure begin!


In Ghost Hunter Run 3D, you play as a ghost on a mission to haunt and scare people at the museum. Your objective is to sneak behind visitors and guards and frighten them without being detected. Use your ghostly abilities to move swiftly and quietly to avoid being spotted.

As you approach people, make sure to stay out of their "vision" cones. If you linger too long within their line of sight, you may vanish, and your haunting abilities will be temporarily lost. Time your movements carefully, and strike when they least expect it!

The museum is filled with various obstacles, which you must navigate around to reach your targets. Use your tactical skills to plan the most efficient routes, ensuring you scare as many people as possible without getting caught.

To add an extra layer of mischief, you can utilize the "hide in armor" feature to disguise yourself as a museum exhibit. This will allow you to get close to your targets undetected, setting up the perfect scare!


Ghost Hunter Run 3D is designed for easy playability. Use intuitive controls to navigate your mischievous ghost throughout the museum. Move swiftly and silently with smooth and precise movements to avoid detection.

Graphics and Resolution:

Experience the thrilling adventure of Ghost Hunter Run 3D in high-quality 3D graphics. The game features a resolution of 800 x 600, offering a visually immersive experience in the haunted museum.


Ghost Hunter Run 3D is an exciting and mischievous game that lets you embrace your ghostly side and have fun scaring people. Sneak behind visitors and guards, planning your moves with precision to avoid detection and successfully scare them. Use the "hide in armor" feature to disguise yourself and get even closer to your targets. With easy-to-play controls and captivating graphics, Ghost Hunter Run 3D promises hours of thrilling gameplay. Are you ready to haunt the museum and unleash your mischievous ghostly powers? Dive into this ghost-hunting adventure now!



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