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Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour
Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour

Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour

Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour is a first-person parkour game that challenges players to navigate a 3D environment by running and jumping over abysses in an attempt to reach the finish gate. Here are some key details about the game:

Release Date:

  • Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour was released in February 2022.


  • The game was developed by Denis Rebrov.


  • Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour is available as a web browser game, making it accessible to players on various devices with internet access.


  • The game utilizes simple and intuitive controls:
    • WASD: Use these keys to move your character.
    • Space: Press the spacebar to jump.
    • L-Shift: Hold the left Shift key to run.
    • Double Esc: Press the Esc key twice to access the in-game menu.
    • Mouse Movement: Move your mouse to control the rotation of the camera, allowing you to look around and navigate the environment effectively.


  • The primary objective of the game is to test your agility and parkour skills as you traverse a 3D world filled with challenging obstacles and abysses. The ultimate goal is to reach the finish gate by successfully navigating these obstacles.

Game Perspective:

  • Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour is played from a first-person perspective, immersing players in the parkour experience.

With its first-person parkour gameplay and a focus on running and jumping challenges, Jump to Sky: 3D Parkour offers players an opportunity to test their agility and reflexes as they navigate a visually engaging 3D environment. The intuitive controls make it accessible to a wide range of players, and the objective is straightforward: reach the finish gate by skillfully maneuvering through the parkour course.



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