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Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker
Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Prepare for an interstellar journey of cosmic creation and relaxation in "Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker," an enchanting idle game that allows you to design and build your very own planets across the vast universe. With its simplicity, endless possibilities, and soothing gameplay, this idle clicker offers players a delightful cosmic sandbox where they can craft unique planets adorned with stunning celestial objects.

Gameplay Overview:

In "Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker," you'll embark on a celestial odyssey of creativity and cosmic wonder:

1. Idle Clicker Adventure: The game embraces the idle clicker genre, offering a relaxing and easy-to-learn experience. Your goal is to craft and enhance your own planets, each becoming a unique work of art.

2. Cosmic Customization: Express your imagination and style by decorating and shaping planets as you see fit. Choose from a wide array of beautiful celestial objects to adorn your planetary creations.

3. Collect and Upgrade: The heart of the game revolves around tapping your planet to collect valuable coins. With each tap, your planet's gravitational pull grows, attracting fascinating objects floating through space. Upgrade your planet and unlock special boosters to accelerate your progress and explore the universe further. You can even continue collecting coins when you're away from the game.

4. Competition: "Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker" introduces a competitive edge, allowing you to expand your strategic thinking and tactics as you compete against other players on the real-time leaderboard. Climb to the top and showcase your cosmic crafting skills.


"Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker" offers a constellation of features to keep you engaged and relaxed:

  • Endless Idle Fun: Enjoy endless relaxation, competition, and surprises as you venture through various areas of the universe, all while crafting your celestial masterpieces.

  • Collect and Upgrade: Tap on your planet to collect gravity and watch your creations come to life. Explore exciting upgrades, unique boosters, and a prestige system to supercharge your progress.

  • Compete for Glory: Engage your strategic prowess and flair in real-time competition against fellow players, aiming for the top spot on the leaderboard.

  • Cross-Platform Play: Whether you're on the web, Android, or iOS, "Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker" lets you craft your cosmic wonders on the platform of your choice.


"Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker" is a cosmic canvas where players can embrace their creative flair, design unique planets, and relax in a universe of endless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking competition or someone looking for a tranquil cosmic journey, this idle clicker offers something for everyone. So, embark on your cosmic crafting adventure, click your way to celestial splendor, and leave your mark on the universe in "Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker"!



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