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Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3

Rally Point 3 is a 3D racing game developed by XForm Games. The goal of the game is to come in first place in various races, leaving your opponents behind, and unlocking and beating missions by winning races. Here's how to play and some key details:

Game Objective:

  • Your objective in Rally Point 3 is to win races and advance through the game by completing missions. To do this, you must finish each race in first place.


  • Car Selection: You start with basic cars such as ForceZ, Vulcan, and Bison. After winning the first three races, you can unlock and use better cars for the remaining races.
  • Heat Management: Be cautious not to overheat your car's engine during the race. Overheating can lead to your engine blowing up, resulting in a lost race.
  • Race Progression: As you progress through the game, the races are likely to become more challenging, requiring you to improve your racing skills and car selection.


  • Drive: Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys on your keyboard to control your car's movement.
  • Brake: Press the Left Shift key to apply the brakes, helping you slow down or navigate sharp turns.
  • Nitro: Activate your car's nitro boost by pressing either the "E" key or the Space bar. Nitro can provide a burst of speed, which can be useful for overtaking opponents.
  • Change Camera: To change your camera angle or perspective, press the "C" key.
  • Reset Position: If you find yourself off track or stuck, you can reset your car's position by pressing the "R" key.

Challenge and Progression:

  • Rally Point 3 offers a challenging racing experience where your goal is not only to win races but also to manage your car's performance to avoid overheating.
  • Winning races unlocks better cars and allows you to progress further in the game.

Ultimate Rally Master:

  • To become the ultimate Rally master in the game, you'll need to demonstrate your racing skills and strategic use of nitro boosts.

Overall, Rally Point 3 is an exciting racing game that challenges players to win races, manage their car's performance, and unlock better vehicles to become the ultimate Rally master. Use the provided controls effectively to navigate the tracks and outperform your opponents.


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