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Reco Ball

Reco Ball is a cute 2D platform game where the player will play as a ball and need to collect all the copper coins while avoiding the enemy balls, spinning environment and other challenges .


Reco Ball: This is the character that the player will control. Reco Ball comes in a cute shape with customizable features, like colors and shapes, that players can customize to their liking.

Game environment and structure:

The game screen: The game consists of many levels, each level has a different layout with copper coins placed in different positions. The structure of the game screen will become more complex as the player advances in the game.
Coins: The main goal of Reco Ball is to collect all the coins in each level. Coins can be hidden in different places, and the player must use Reco Ball's jumping and running abilities to reach them.
Enemy Balls: There are many types of enemy balls that appear in the game, each with a different way of working and a degree of danger. Some balls only move in a fixed direction, while others can follow the Reco Ball to attack.
Rotating Environment: Some levels have a revolving environment, which can be spinning discs, wheels, or other dynamic environments. Reco Ball must control skillfully to avoid colliding with these environments and not being knocked out of the screen.
Other Challenges: Throughout the game, the player will face various challenges such as closed doors, wormholes, skill swaps, and other interactive objects. Players need to use quick adaptation to overcome them.


Players can control the Reco Ball with a keyboard or a handheld controller (if playing on console game platforms). Reco Ball controls are simple and easy so players can focus on solving levels and overcoming challenges.

Score and progress:

Each time the Reco Ball collects a coin, the player gets points.
When players complete a level, they will advance to the next level with increasing difficulty.
The game can integrate a high-score save system so that players can challenge their friends and compete with other players.

Music and visual design:

Reco Ball will have a lovely, funny, and lively image and music to create a lovely and attractive play space.

Game goal:

The ultimate goal of Reco Ball is to complete all levels, collect all the coins and get the highest score possible.

Reco Ball promises to bring players hours of fun and exciting entertainment in a lovely and engaging world.


Using Mouse

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