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Sport Stunt Bike 3D Game
Sport Stunt Bike 3D Game

Sport Stunt Bike 3D Game

Sport Stunt Bike 3D Game is a simulator game that offers players exciting and challenging feats to perform on difficult tracks. The game is designed for fans of the simulator category who enjoy motorcycle stunts and racing.


Key features of the game 

  1. Challenging Tracks: Players can expect to encounter complicated tracks filled with obstacles and jumps, providing an exciting and thrilling riding experience.

  2. Upgrades: As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to upgrade your bike for better controls and more power. This allows you to tackle difficult levels with improved performance.

  3. 3D Physics and Graphics: The game boasts authentic 3D physics, providing a realistic feel to the bike stunts. Additionally, it offers visually appealing graphics to enhance the overall gaming experience.

  4. Variety of Stunts: Players can perform various cool stunts while racing and collecting coins, adding to the excitement and challenge.

The game you described is a motorcycle stunt game that features a unique twist of using a ragdoll as the rider. Players get to perform amazing stunts across 100 levels, providing an entertaining and challenging gaming experience. The game combines driving skills with physics-based stunts to create exciting and fun gameplay.

Gameplay and Controls:

  • WASD: Use these keys to drive the motorcycle and control its movement.
  • R: This key allows you to reverse the motorcycle if needed.
  • C: Pressing this key changes the camera view, giving you different perspectives of the game.
  • T: If you need to reset the bike to its starting position, use this key.
  • 2: The number 2 key is used to power accelerate the motorcycle, presumably giving it a boost in speed.
  • SPACE: Use the spacebar as the rear brake to slow down or stop the motorcycle.
  • QEFV: These keys are utilized to shift the center of mass of the biker. This mechanic might influence the balance and control of the bike during stunts and jumps.
  • ENTER: Pressing the enter key allows you to restart the level if needed.
  • Tab: Use the tab key to access the game menu, where you might find options like settings, level selection, or other features.

Good luck and have fun as you ride, jump, and flip your way to victory in this motorcycle stunt game with ragdoll riders!


Use mouse

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