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Super Tower Rush
Super Tower Rush

Super Tower Rush

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating arcade experience in Super Tower Rush, a game that will put your reflexes and skills to the test. As you plummet down a perilous tower, your objective is clear: rush as far as you can before the deadly spikes catch up to you! With the promise of unlocking new music and aiming for the top of the leaderboard, can you become the ultimate tower-running champion?


In Super Tower Rush, you'll embark on a vertiginous descent down a towering structure. Your primary goal is to race downward as rapidly as possible while avoiding the lethal spikes hot on your heels. The challenge intensifies as you progress, demanding split-second decisions and flawless timing to keep you ahead of the impending danger.

Unlockable Music and High Scores

Your high score is your ticket to unlocking new and exciting music tracks in the game. As you push your limits and rush further down the tower, you'll discover fresh tunes to enhance your gaming experience. Aim high and make your mark on the leaderboard as you compete against other players for the coveted title of the best runner.


Whether you're using a keyboard or a joystick, the controls are intuitive and responsive:

Keyboard Controls:

  • Up arrow key / W / X = Jump
  • C = Shockwave bomb
  • AD / Left or right arrow keys = Move left/right

Joystick Controls:

  • Button A = Jump
  • Button B = Shockwave bomb

A Race Against Time

Super Tower Rush is a fast-paced thrill ride that tests your agility and decision-making under pressure. Can you maintain your composure and rush down the tower at breakneck speeds, staying one step ahead of the deadly spikes? With unlockable music tracks and leaderboard glory on the line, it's time to prove your mettle in this heart-pounding arcade challenge. So, take the leap, hit the controls, and embrace the rush as you descend in Super Tower Rush!



Using Mouse

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