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Vex 7

Vex 7 is the latest installment in the Vex series, offering new adventures, tools, and traps for players to navigate through. As with previous games in the Vex series, players will face a labyrinth of tricks and traps, utilizing their skills to overcome challenges and make it to the end. It is described as another challenging and fun installment in the Vex series, known for its mix of frustration and satisfaction. Players can expect a variety of deadly challenges, puzzles, and new mechanics to conquer. The game features a combination of familiar challenges and new gameplay elements, ensuring a rewarding experience for both Vex series veterans and newcomers.

How to Play Vex 7:

  • Survive a maze filled with deadly obstacles and traps. Players can anticipate facing various contraptions that may lead to countless deaths, which is considered a rite of passage in the Vex series.
  • Master the game's controls, timing, and techniques to progress and become a Vex master.
  • Players can earn rewards for meeting specific conditions in each level, such as completing a level without dying, collecting a certain number of gold coins, and completing other objectives.
  • The game offers achievements and trophies to unlock for those seeking additional challenges.
  • Players can enter the tower, a continuous bonus stage that changes each time you enter, providing tower coins and unique achievements.
  • Daily tasks are available for loyal players, offering rewards for their continued commitment to playing the game.
  • Vex coins and bonus stars can be used to purchase various character skins in the skins shop, allowing players to customize their Vex character with different costumes of varying rarity.

Tips for Playing Vex 7:

  • Utilize items like parachutes, grappling hooks, TNT, and elixirs to cover longer distances and overcome obstacles.
  • Answer "no" when asked if you're okay for a brief period of invincibility.
  • Master the game's controls, as success in Vex relies on paying attention to finer details.
  • If frustration sets in, take a moment to slow down and breathe.

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"Vex 7" offers players an exciting and challenging platformer experience, combining familiar Vex series elements with new mechanics and obstacles. It encourages players to refine their skills, complete objectives, and aim for high achievement while customizing their character's appearance.



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