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Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks is a tower defense game developed by Beedo Games. In this game, players are tasked with deploying various types of tanks to protect their base and destroy the enemy's base. Here's an overview of the game and its controls:


  • The main objective in "Call of Tanks" is to deploy and strategically use different types of tanks to destroy the enemy's base while defending your own.


  • Tank Variety: The game offers a variety of tanks, each with unique offensive and defensive abilities. Experiment with different tactics and choose the right tank for each situation to defeat your opponents.
  • Upgrades: Players can upgrade their tanks, defenses, and bases to make their army stronger and more formidable. These upgrades are essential for becoming an unstoppable force.
  • Base Defense: Protect your own base from enemy attacks. Ensure it remains intact while you focus on taking down the enemy's bases.


  • Deploy Tank: To deploy a tank unit, you can drag and drop it from the bottom panel onto the game field.
  • Navigation: You can navigate within the game using either the arrow keys or by clicking on the mini-map.
  • Change Camera Angle: Use the right mouse button to change the camera angle, providing different views of the battlefield.
  • Zoom In/Out: Adjust the camera's zoom level using the mouse wheel.


  • Success in "Call of Tanks" relies on strategic thinking. You must decide when and where to deploy tanks, which types of tanks to use, and when to upgrade your units and defenses.
  • As the game progresses, you'll face increasingly challenging enemy units, so adapting your strategy is key to victory.

Overall, "Call of Tanks" offers an engaging tower defense experience where players must strategically deploy and upgrade tanks to defeat enemy bases while safeguarding their own. The combination of different tank types and strategic decision-making adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.




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