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Welcome to Color Overlay, a delightful level-breaking game that features a vertical cartoon style. In this captivating game, you take on the role of the villain, embarking on a journey to overcome a series of complex obstacles that lie before you. It's time to showcase your skills and precise operations to conquer each level and rise to the top!

Color Overlay offers a casual and addictive gameplay experience. As the villain, your objective is to break through an array of challenging obstacles that appear one after another. Prepare to put your reflexes and strategic thinking to the test as you navigate through each level.


  1. Unique and Fun Challenges: Each level in Color Overlay presents a different and enjoyable challenge. To make the most of your abilities, you must collect boxes of the same color. The more colored boxes you gather, the better equipped you'll be to tackle the obstacles and successfully complete the challenges.

  2. Diverse Prop Enhancements: The game offers a variety of different props that come in handy during your journey. Utilize these props to your advantage as you encounter various challenges. The strategic use of props can greatly enhance your chances of success and add an exciting layer to the gameplay.

  3. Vertical Cartoon Style: Color Overlay boasts a charming vertical cartoon style, which sets the stage for a visually engaging and vibrant gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the colorful world and feel the thrill of breaking through the obstacles.

  4. Endless Fun: With numerous levels and a wide range of challenges, Color Overlay promises an endless supply of fun and excitement. Each stage brings something new and stimulating, ensuring that your gameplay remains fresh and captivating.


Color Overlay is a casual and exciting level-breaking game that will keep you entertained for hours. Embrace the role of the villain and conquer challenging obstacles with your skills and operations. Collect color-matching boxes to empower yourself and overcome each level's unique challenges. With a vertical cartoon style and a plethora of diverse props, the game promises a visually appealing and dynamic experience. So, put your reflexes to the test and embark on an adventure filled with fun and thrilling moments. Play Color Overlay now and prove yourself as the ultimate villain in this vibrant and addictive gaming journey!


Using Mouse

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