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Drift Taxi

Drift Taxi

Introducing Drift Taxi:

Prepare for a high-octane joyride in Drift Taxi, an adrenaline-pumping racing game that throws you headfirst into the fast-paced world of taxi driving. Your mission is to transport passengers to their destinations with flair, skillfully drifting through the city streets. Earn money with each successful ride and invest wisely to upgrade your taxi's performance. With speed, precision, and strategic upgrades, become the ultimate drift taxi driver in this exciting virtual world.


  1. Driving Controls:

    • Utilize your keyboard's arrow or WASD keys for steering and acceleration.
    • Deploy the spacebar to apply brakes and maintain control during intense drifts.
  2. Passenger Delivery:

    • Pick up passengers and deliver them safely to their destinations by skillfully navigating the city streets.
    • Initially, only passengers matching your taxi's rating will be available. Improve your ranking to unlock more lucrative opportunities.
  3. Earnings and Upgrades:

    • Earn money with each completed ride, and use your earnings to upgrade your taxi.
    • Enhance your car's speed, acceleration, and braking system, and increase earnings per meter to maximize your efficiency.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Balancing Speed and Safety:

    • Find the perfect balance between impressive drifting and ensuring the safe arrival of your passengers.
    • Show off your skills, but remember that safety is paramount for a successful taxi driver.
  2. Continuous Car Upgrades:

    • Invest in your taxi's capabilities through the detailed upgrade system.
    • Regularly upgrade speed, acceleration, and braking to handle more challenging rides and attract higher-rated passengers.
  3. Passenger Rating System:

    • Progress in the game to improve your taxi's rating and unlock a broader range of passengers.
    • Cater to higher-rated passengers for increased earnings and a more challenging gameplay experience.


  1. Realistic Driving Dynamics:

    • Immerse yourself in the game with astoundingly realistic driving dynamics for a captivating and authentic experience.
  2. Gorgeous City Landscapes:

    • Explore a spectacular virtual world featuring stunning city landscapes that enhance the visual appeal of your taxi adventure.
  3. Detailed Upgrade System:

    • Enjoy a comprehensive upgrade system that allows you to fine-tune your taxi's performance and capabilities.
  4. Diverse Passenger Rating System:

    • Experience a dynamic gameplay environment with a passenger rating system that introduces new possibilities and challenges as you progress.

Gear up, hit the streets, and become the drift taxi master in this thrilling racing adventure!


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