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Money Movers 1
Money Movers 1

Money Movers 1

Money Movers is a popular puzzle-platformer game series developed by Meow Beast. The series focuses on two characters, a duo of brothers, who work together to complete heist-themed levels. In the game, players must strategically control both characters to solve puzzles, avoid guards, and collect money bags. "Money Movers 1" is the first installment in the series and sets the stage for the brothers' adventures. 


"Money Movers" offers cooperative puzzle-solving gameplay in which players control two characters, the older brother who is larger and stronger and the younger brother who is smaller and more agile. The objective is to work together to clear each level by solving puzzles, collecting money bags, and avoiding obstacles.

Key Features:

  1. Two-Character Control: Players must control both brothers simultaneously to overcome obstacles and complete levels. The older brother can push heavy objects and defeat guards, while the younger brother can fit through narrow spaces and reach high platforms.

  2. Puzzle Solving: Levels are filled with various puzzles and obstacles that require both characters' cooperation to solve. These include pushing objects, flipping switches, and using each brother's unique abilities.

  3. Guard Avoidance: Guards patrol the levels and must be avoided to prevent capture. Players must plan their movements carefully to outwit the guards.

  4. Collect Money Bags: The primary objective in each level is to collect all the money bags scattered around. Some bags are easy to reach, while others require creative problem-solving.

  5. Unique Level Designs: Each level in "Money Movers 1" presents a unique challenge, introducing new elements and obstacles that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

  6. Time Trials: Completing levels quickly and efficiently is rewarded, and players can aim for faster completion times.

How to Play:

  1. Controls: Use the arrow keys to move both brothers. The older brother is controlled with the left, right, and up arrow keys, while the younger brother is controlled with the A, D, and W keys. Alternatively, you can use a controller if preferred.

  2. Switch Characters: Strategically switch between the brothers to use their respective abilities. The older brother can push heavy objects and knock out guards, while the younger brother can fit through small gaps.

  3. Solve Puzzles: Work together to solve puzzles, activate switches, and clear obstacles in each level.

  4. Collect Money Bags: Your primary goal is to collect all the money bags in each level.

  5. Avoid Guards: Guards patrol certain areas and must be avoided to prevent capture.


Money Movers 1 is the beginning of an engaging puzzle-platformer series that revolves around teamwork and cooperation. Players of all ages can enjoy the game's clever level designs and strategic gameplay as they navigate the two brothers through a series of heist-themed challenges. Whether you're playing solo or with a friend, "Money Movers" offers a fun and intellectually stimulating gaming experience as you work together to outsmart guards and collect the loot.



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