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Rolling Donuts
Rolling Donuts

Rolling Donuts

Rolling Donuts is a casual mobile game where players control a rolling and jumping donut character in a unique and playful setting. The game involves the donut character navigating through levels while dealing with obstacles in the form of evil dentures. The primary goal is to either avoid these dentures or jump on them using the donut's body, thereby earning points and progressing through the game.

Game Concept:

  • The player controls a rolling and jumping donut character.
  • The game is set in an environment where evil dentures are the primary antagonists.
  • The donut character can jump to avoid obstacles or interact with enemies.


  • The main objective is to navigate through the game's levels and survive by avoiding evil dentures.
  • Players can also choose to jump on the dentures using the donut character, which earns them points.

Gameplay Style:

  • The gameplay is casual and likely involves simple mechanics, making it accessible to a wide range of players.
  • It seems to be an endless runner-style game where the player aims for a high score by progressing as far as possible.


  • The game's controls are touch-based. Players touch the screen to make the donut character jump.

Release Date:

  • The game's release date is mentioned as October 18, 2021.


Use mouse

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