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Cluster Truck
Cluster Truck

Cluster Truck

Cluster Truck promises a heart-pounding and adrenaline-fueled adventure that will take you into a world where your survival depends on your ability to leap from one truck to another while avoiding a treacherous fall.

The gameplay is all about navigating the hazardous landscape of moving trucks, requiring you to leap from one truck to the next with the utmost precision. It's not just about jumping; timing is of the essence. As your character hurtles forward, you must jump swiftly and effectively, ensuring that you land safely on the next truck. This precision is crucial for avoiding the perils of the ground below.

Your character automatically moves forward, driven by the relentless momentum of the truck convoy. Your role is to control the left and right movements with utmost dexterity, ensuring that each jump seamlessly lands you on the next truck in line. Success in Cluster Truck is all about mastering the art of precise timing and maintaining your balance as you navigate the chaotic world of truck hopping.



Use mouse

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