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Gravity Ball Run
Gravity Ball Run

Gravity Ball Run

Welcome to Gravity Ball Run, an exhilarating game that defies gravity and challenges you to navigate a ball through various obstacles. This fun and engaging game requires precise control as you move the ball up or down by tapping the screen or using the space bar. Your goal is to complete each level without colliding with any obstacles. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as you test your reflexes and agility in this gravity-defying escapade.

In Gravity Ball Run, you control a ball with the unique ability to move against gravity. Your mission is to guide the ball through intricate levels filled with obstacles, gaps, and challenging pathways. With the power to defy gravity, you must tap the screen or use the space bar to make the ball ascend or descend in order to avoid colliding with the obstacles along the way.


The game offers intuitive controls designed for ease of play. On touch-based devices, tap the screen to make the ball move up or down. If you're playing on a computer, use the space bar to control the ball's movement. Mastering these controls is crucial to navigating through the ever-changing maze of obstacles.

Avoidance Challenge:

Each level presents a unique set of obstacles that will test your reflexes and precision. Stay focused and be quick to react, as the game progressively increases in difficulty. The thrill of avoiding obstacles and successfully maneuvering through tight spaces creates an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Visuals and Performance:

Gravity Ball Run features visually pleasing graphics that enhance the gaming experience. The smooth gameplay ensures seamless navigation through the levels, allowing you to concentrate on conquering the challenges without interruptions.

Level Progression:

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter new and more complex obstacles. The game offers a sense of achievement with each level completed, motivating you to conquer more challenging stages. Can you reach the end of the run without hitting any obstacles?


Gravity Ball Run is an addictive and entertaining game that defies gravity and challenges you to avoid obstacles as you guide the ball to victory. With simple yet engaging controls, you'll have a blast navigating through various levels filled with obstacles. So, put your reflexes to the test, tap the screen, or use the space bar, and embark on a thrilling gravity-defying journey. Play Gravity Ball Run now and experience the excitement of avoiding obstacles in a mesmerizing world of gravity manipulation. Enjoy the challenge and aim for the ultimate high score!



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