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Slope Driver
Slope Driver

Slope Driver

Prepare for the ultimate test of your driving skills in Slope Driver, where you'll navigate your car through challenging terrain and bumpy hills. Tackle obstacles with precision to keep your vehicle on track and avoid overturning.

Game Objectives:

Your goal in Slope Driver is to conquer daunting ramps while evading spikes and stone enemies that threaten to impede your progress. Collect valuable treasures like gold, jewelry, and other items scattered along the course to boost your score and unlock rewards.

Tips for Success:

  • Obtain the golden key at the end of each level to unlock the gate and progress further.
  • Collect colored balls to enhance your score and unlock new characters, such as Angela, Ginger, Hank, and Ben.
  • Keep an eye out for phones, cassette tapes, and adorable baby pandas during your journey. Alter the game's music and colors by swiping on the cassette and call for a new target with the phone.
  • Optimize your rewards by watching ads to earn additional gold, diamonds, lucky spins, or lives. Ads may appear when spinning the lucky wheel, entering the store, losing a game, or accessing the vault.

In Slope Driver, mastering the art of hill driving is crucial for overcoming challenges and achieving victory. Are you prepared to tackle the slopes and emerge as the ultimate driver?


  • Utilize the WASD or arrow keys to steer your vehicle.
  • Adjust your viewing angle by pressing the C key.
  • Restart the game with the R key if you encounter obstacles.
  • Pause gameplay by pressing the P key.
  • Mute sounds using the M key.
  • Activate night mode with the N key.
  • Switch on the headlights using the L key.
  • Enter Halloween mode by pressing the H key.
  • Activate snow mode with the X key.
  • Engage turbo mode using the T key.
  • Press B to activate bubble mode.

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