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Space Waves

About Space Waves

Space Waves is an electrifying arcade-style space shooter game that thrusts players into the heart of an intergalactic battle against waves of enemy spacecraft. Set in the vast expanse of outer space, this game offers intense action, dazzling visual effects, and a pulsating soundtrack, providing an immersive gaming experience for players of all skill levels.


  1. Objective:

    • The primary goal is to survive successive waves of enemy attacks and achieve the highest score possible.
    • Destroy enemy spacecraft and bosses while dodging incoming projectiles to stay alive.
  2. Controls:

    • Use keyboard controls or touchscreen gestures to navigate your spacecraft.
    • Move left or right to evade enemy fire and position yourself for strategic attacks.
    • Activate special abilities or power-ups to gain advantages in combat.
  3. Combat Mechanics:

    • Engage in fast-paced shoot 'em up action as you blast your way through waves of enemy ships.
    • Utilize various weapons and upgrades to destroy enemies efficiently and maximize your score.
    • Face off against formidable boss enemies at the end of each wave, requiring skillful dodging and precise shooting to defeat.
  4. Power-Ups and Upgrades:

    • Collect power-ups dropped by defeated enemies to enhance your firepower, increase your shield strength, or gain temporary invincibility.
    • Spend collected currency between waves to upgrade your spacecraft's weapons, defenses, and special abilities.
  5. Level Progression:

    • Progress through multiple waves of increasing difficulty, with each wave presenting new challenges and enemy types.
    • Survive as long as possible to reach higher waves and earn greater rewards.


  1. Survival:

    • Stay alive by avoiding enemy attacks and hazards. Colliding with enemy ships or their projectiles will deplete your health.
    • Monitor your shield and health meters to gauge your survivability throughout the game.
  2. Scoring:

    • Earn points by destroying enemy ships, with different types of enemies yielding varying point values.
    • Achieve bonus points for defeating boss enemies and completing waves without taking damage.
  3. Upgrades and Currency:

    • Use currency earned during gameplay to purchase upgrades and power-ups between waves, enhancing your spacecraft's capabilities for the next wave.

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