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Speed Balloons

Speed Balloons

Speed Balloons - Speed balloon shooting game

Speed Balloons is a speed balloon shooting game in which players will have to hit at least 20 balloons out of 30. Each level passed will increase the speed of the flying balls.

How to play:

Players will use the mouse to control a laser gun. When a balloon appears, click to hit it. If you hit at least 20 balloons out of 30, you will pass the level.

Salient features:

The gameplay is simple but attractive
Increase difficulty with the level
Beautiful graphics

Speed Balloons is a fun and challenging speed balloon shooting game. The game has simple but attractive gameplay, difficulty increases with the level and beautiful graphics. If you're looking for a new balloon shooting game to try, Speed Balloons is a great choice.

Some tips for playing Speed Balloons:

Use the mouse to control the laser gun precisely.
Focus on the slow-moving balloons.
Use objects in the environment as obstacles for the balloons.

Wish you happy gaming!


Use mouse

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