Slope game is a deep-sea fishing game where players cast their lures into the ocean and aim to catch as many fish as they can. The primary objective is to accumulate funds by catching fish, which can then be invested in various upgrades to enhance the fishing experience.


  1. Bucket Space Upgrade: Players can purchase additional space in their fishing bucket, allowing them to catch multiple fish in a single cast. This encourages players to strategize and optimize their catches for maximum efficiency.

  2. Bucket Size Upgrade: As players accumulate funds, they have the option to invest in a bigger fishing bucket. A larger bucket allows for the storage of more fish, ultimately increasing the potential earnings.

  3. Line Length Upgrade: Investing in a longer fishing line enables players to explore deeper parts of the ocean, potentially unlocking new and more valuable fish species. This adds an element of progression and exploration to the gameplay.

  4. Value Upgrade: Players can opt for a value upgrade, which enhances the selling price of their caught fish. This adds a strategic aspect to the game, as players can optimize their earnings by choosing the right upgrades.


  • Click the cursor to cast the lure into the ocean.
  • Move the cursor to catch more valuable fish.

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